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After almost 20 combined years of fighting in the trenches together at a competitive conference organization, the partners of Financial Research Associates (FRA) Lori Medlen, Laura Garza, and Ellen Wofford answered the entrepreneurial call in 2001 and opened the doors of Financial Research Associates, LLC. The partners’ skill sets merged perfectly together to form the “dream team” of the conference world. Their partnership, enthusiasm, and competitive spirit have been a key driver of FRA’s success from that very first day in 2001.

During that first year, Lori Medlen produced FRA’s first conference called Mutual Fund Alternatives (a first-ever conference on this topic). Laura Garza produced Synthetic CDOs (another first-ever conference). Simultaneously, Ellen Wofford spearheaded sponsorship sales and FRA was off and running. Before the end of the first year the dream team cranked out a dozen events.

On September 11, 2001, FRA was hosting two of their first financial conferences in Boston. Having to interrupt sessions to relay the early details of the attacks was very difficult, not knowing who may have lost friends or relatives. The subsequent reluctance of potential delegates to travel--and the economic effect of the attacks--meant a short setback for FRA. Just as America began to heal and grow, FRA rebounded well in 2002. The company faced another challenge later that year when Lori was diagnosed with and bravely fought cancer.

From its inception, Financial Research Associates made its mark on the conference industry by being first-to-market with well-researched, innovative, content-driven conferences. Many—if not most—of the conferences held by our competitors are copy-cats of events we developed first. We delve deeply into each topic area, and expand our portfolio by finding nuanced topic areas within industries that turn into conferences themselves.

In 2005, we launched our Medicare and Healthcare divisions and built those up from scratch, again being first-to-market with conferences on issues such as the Medicare CMS Star Ratings. Again due to our extensive research, our Medicare events are acknowledged as tops in the industry. And, as a result of our success in this arena, we established the Resource Initiative & Society for Education (RISE) which boasts a significant membership from top health plans and providers.

Although the “Great Recession” certainly challenged FRA, we’ve bounced back stronger than ever, and we’re adding new conferences continually. We’ve responded by instituting better cost management procedures, but have taken some risks (successfully) that others perhaps would avoid in such an environment.

Although our offices in California and North Carolina are relaxed and casual, we stress results and value substance over form. Innovative ideas are prized and encouraged. Our Operations team, for example, has implemented new procedures over the years that have led not only to operational efficiencies, but also to a new level of customer service to both attendees and speakers alike.

As we look forward, we expect to continue our entrepreneurial adventure while tapping new topic areas, taking a few risks here and there, all while providing a fun and rewarding place to work for our employees.

The Partners

Lori Medlen

President and CEO

In her role as President and CEO of Financial Research Associates and its affiliate Healthcare Education Associates, Lori is primarily responsible for topic development and educational content of conferences and other related educational materials. She manages the conference production team based in California and also serves as a board member of RISE, the Resource Initiative & Society for Education, which is an educational resource for the Medicare Advantage and healthcare communities.

Lori graduated from the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley, and has more than 20 years’ conference management experience.

Laura Garza

Senior Vice President

Laura Garza, Senior Vice President, Financial Research Associates and Healthcare Education Associates, brings more than sixteen years of conference experience to the organization. Laura specializes in organizing large-scale events for institutional investors, financial advisors, consultants, and alternative investment managers. She has also been instrumental in developing innovative Medicare/Medicaid conferences for Healthcare Education Associates and RISE (Resource Initiative & Society for Education). Laura’s extensive industry contacts and relentless work ethic have helped her become one of the company’s most valuable conference organizers. Laura attended St. Xavier University and has a B. A. in Business.

Ellen Wofford

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Ellen Wofford is responsible for the operational leadership of FRA and all its entities. She is dedicated to constantly improving the systems which create and deliver FRA’s products and services. Based in the North Carolina office she manages the registration, sales, telesales, speaker coordination, meeting planning, human resources, IT and website teams. She has over 17 years tenure in the conference industry.

Ellen holds a M.A. in International Business from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.

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Mastering The CMS Program Audit Process

April 28-29, 2014 — Baltimore, MD

Best Practices for Achieving a Successful Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan Audit


The 2014 Leadership Summit on Advanced Illness Management

May 5-6, 2014 — Orlando, FL

Join health plans, medical providers and other healthcare innovators to discuss solutions to the challenges that come with members with complex conditions or needing palliative or end-of-life care.


The Risk Adjustment Forum for Health Plans

May 28-29, 2014 — Chicago, IL

This conference is for carriers of exchange plans, medicare advantage plans and combinations of the two. Risk adjustment is the cornerstone to long-term solvency in the post-ACA healthcare era.


The 4th Annual Star Ratings Leadership Summit

June 30-July 1, 2014 — Chicago, IL

Hear from leaders from high performing plans plus experts in quality management, engagement strategies and reporting practices.


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